about us

our promise

a genuine contest of ideas

We will make sure we bring constructive challenge so the best of the ideas get on the table and the issues that could bring you unstuck are front and center when they need to be.

tools not tomes

We won’t leave you with a lengthy report and a whole lot of unknowns. Our deliverables are accessible and pragmatic products that you can pick up and apply.

a result you can use

We understand that momentum comes from making smart trade-offs and hard decisions. We will help you stay true to your ambition whilst finding the solution that works for you.

a bit about the director

Maryann Hazard


Pragmatist, trouble shooter and experimenter. Maryann is a trained researcher, policymaker and business consultant, working across most industries and sectors. A natural problem solver, Maryann is always on the hunt for the opportunity to make a good idea work. She operates effectively at the individual, organisational and system level and has a unique capacity to pull together practical solutions to complex problems. With a long track record working in high intensity, high volatility environments in the public and private sector Maryann comes with a wealth of experience, a healthy sense of humour and a deep understanding of what works.

want more than ideas?