capability building

We know how to make your organisation more than the sum of its parts

collective insight

Stories are the things that help us make sense of the world. They determine how we act, what we value, and what we avoid. Whether working at a policy, industry or organisational level it is essential to set the narrative context within which you want people to engage and participate. We uncover the intentional and unintentional markers that drive people behaviour – from visual cues to incentive frameworks and test their suitability for what you are trying to achieve. With a range of narrative and speculative techniques we help you build and disseminate the right narrative for your context.

people capability

From mindset and critical thinking to technical capability development, we can assist you get the most out of your people. We know learning is only partly about what we do in a workshop or classroom environment. It is about lived experience, application, collegiality and motivation. We work with you to pick the right interventions for your circumstances.

decision making

Indecision can be as more costly than bad decisions. We help you identify if you are missing opportunities due to the design making architecture in your organisation. We bring expert understanding of how to craft your rule system, culture and behaviours that relegates indecision to the history books in its place puts an environnment conducive to the best of decision making.

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  • illustration depicting an idea growing across 3 heads. It grows consecutively. The last lightbulb is the biggest and fully lit. The heading "many minds make light work" is a play on words.
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    Meetings may be energy sucking resource draining blights on a organisation but well crafted collaboration can be incredibly efficient and effective. We often hear clients baulk when we talk about collaborative design or problem solving. They express concerns that it will be costly, lengthy and resource intensive and worst of all won’t deliver a result. […]

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    An executive group will make or break an organisation’s strategy. Use this quick test of effective leadership, adapted from Drucker, to start a conversation on constructive executive behaviours, or just give yourself an individual health check. The three elements Drucker draws attention to are: focus: this is about an executive’s capacity and willingness to understand […]

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