illustration depicting an idea growing across 3 heads. It grows consecutively. The last lightbulb is the biggest and fully lit. The heading "many minds make light work" is a play on words.

The power of the collective

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Meetings may be energy sucking resource draining blights on a organisation but well crafted collaboration can be incredibly efficient and effective.

We often hear clients baulk when we talk about collaborative design or problem solving. They express concerns that it will be costly, lengthy and resource intensive and worst of all won’t deliver a result. A well crafted problem solving process can save months on a program, deliver a better solution and give you serious gains on the implementation front. Less time, less people hours, less white noise and distractions and most importantly a better solution.

You can bring minds together in multiple ways. It doesn’t have to be a workshop. It can be through process. Or team composition, temporary or permanent. Through targeted engagement. or facilitated discussions. Through orchestrated events or clever incentives

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