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  • Are you an effective leader?

    Image preview of the 'effective leader profile' available for download

    An executive group will make or break an organisation’s strategy. Use this quick test of effective leadership, adapted from Drucker, to start a conversation on constructive executive behaviours, or just give yourself an individual health check. The three elements Drucker draws attention to are: focus: this is about an executive’s capacity and willingness to understand […]

  • Standing in the corner waiting for an invite? 

    preview of the prototype feedback freebie available for download

    A light prototype (think paper walk through or storyboard) is all you need to be ready for client involvement in your design. Use this simple discussion guide to get valuable client input into your design before you start to climb the investment curve. The principles in the guide can equally be applied to a public […]

  • When is a quick win, not really a quick win?

    Preview of the implementation planning pdf, available for download

    Most change programs fail at two points. At the diagnosis, where we treat the wrong symptoms and get nowhere near the cause. Or in implementation, where our planning and methods of attack don’t match the circumstances or the nature of the change challenge. Our implementation matrix gives you a head start on whether to pursue […]